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My international travel this summer will have me flying on Easy Jet, Turkish Air, British Airways and United. I'd like to carry my luggage on board with me and am finding conflicting size requirements. 22x14x9 vs 18x14x9. Does any one have up to date helpful information about size & weight restrictions? Thank you.

Posted by Harold
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The reason you have conflicting requirements is that different airlines and different countries set different rules. For instance, when I flew Turkish Air from JFK to IST, the carry-on rules were similar to other trans-Atlantic flights (22x14x9 inches, no weight restriction). But for domestic flights on Turkish Air (and indeed, all flights within Turkey regardless of airline), carry-ons are limited to 8 kg (17.6 pounds); I don't remember the size restriction, but anything that looked big (such as my mother's 21 inch wheeled bag, which she took into the JFK-IST cabin with no problems) had to be checked. And Air Berlin had a 6 kg limit on cabin bags, even for the JFK to TXL flight (my bag wasn't weighed, but others were). The other problem is that these rules change, and that airlines are starting to enforce them more and more strictly, since it means extra revenue when people have to check bags and they charge for this. So, all you can do is check with each individual airline's policy, and do your best to adapt. For instance, if your bag will not meet carry-on restrictions and the airline charges to check it, many will charge less if you pay this in advance vs. waiting until you are at the airport (EasyJet definitely does this). If your bag may be over the limit (size or weight), have another bag ready for the valuables and the must-take-in-the-cabin stuff, in case you have to check your bag at the last minute.

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Easy Jet bag size is: 56 X 45 X 25 centimeters
which is 22 X 17.7 X 9.84 (approx)

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Hi, when i was doing my homework on carry-on luggage, it was pointed out that there are 2 standards. Ours and theirs. to me, i choose the smallest of the two since you can put one in the other, but not the other way around. just an fyi, Easy Jet required my carry on 18x14x9 to be "checked in". British Air (BA) didnt. the moral of the story is to read the fine print on each flight! happy trails.

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barbara, For travel on flights within Europe (especially EasyJet), your luggage will have to fit the sizing frame (and they usually monitor that). If the bag is "bulging at the seams", that may be a problem. Also note that many airlines in Europe allow only ONE carry-on item per passenger, again of the approved size. That DOESN'T mean "one plus a personal item such as a Purse or Laptop case" it means ONE ONLY! If you think your luggage may be close to the size limit, it may be prudent just to check it. Paying for checked luggage at the time of booking is cheaper than doing it at the gate. If the gate staff decide your luggage is too big they'll insist on checking it, and will tack on a huge fee! Happy travels!