Car wash

We are purchasing a car in Germany and will be driving it around in Europe. When we drop it in Zurich to have it transported to the US, we are required to turn it in clean. Does anyone know of a car wash in Zurich?

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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I don't know of a specific car wash, but petrol stations commonly have one.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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Virtually all filling stations. Some are American style, but rarely. Most will be drive in and park - remain in the car after putting in a code in the reader just outside - the whole machine moves over the car and you wait for the green light - and drive off kind. If you don't want automatic machine scrubbers on your neat and shiny new car, some have pressure washers on a long hose where you do it yourself and only the soapy water and rinse water touch the car. So you have to wash the car to go in a dirty and dusty old container?

Posted by Ed
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You might want to see what 'clean' means. Everwho is is in charge of Vermin Immigration sometimes wants the whole underside deloused and such. It probably depends on the port of departure.

Posted by Colleen
Cincinnati, Ohio, Usa
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Thanks all for the suggestions. Yes, we do have to turn it in clean just to go in the dirty cargo hold of a ship. We are hoping it rains on our way to Zurich so it will be clean enough when we get there!