Car service from Milan

Looking for a car service/company to drive us from Milan Malpensa to Lake Garda. Traveling with children so I want it to be simple. Does anyone have any info on where to go or what companies to stay away from?

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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That type of service is called in Italian "Noleggio Con Conducente" or NCC (Hire with Driver). There are many companies that provide that service and I gave you some websites below, but a quick search online entering the above words will yield many more. From Milan Malpensa to Lake Garda is a long distance (well over 100 miles), therefore prices are not going to be low. For example just going from Malpensa to Milan (35 miles) will cost you almost 100 euro ($135). If you want to save, maybe renting your own vehicle might be beneficial. It's not that difficult. It's all freeway all the way from Malpensa to the Desenzano exit, at the lake. From the airport just follow the directions to the Torino-Milano A-4 freeway then go east all the way past Milan and all the way to Desenzano. Past the city of Brescia keep an eye on the exits, because the A-4 will take you all the way to Trieste and Slovenia.