Car Rentals from Glasgow traveling to Ireland

Can anyone give my some advise on a car rental and AAA insurance? We are renting a car in Glasgow and then taking Ferry to Ireland..doing a coastal loop, ferry back to Glasgow, coastal loop back. I have been getting so much confusing information on the CDW, to get or not to get, or if you don't get they charge. Has anyone used AAA for their insurance and waived the CDW? or is the CDW going to be mandatory since we are taking on the ferry and into Ireland. It's all a bit overwhelming. I understand we have to do a "continental surcharge" for while we are in Ireland. Eurocar, Hertz, AAA. I never hear anything with there a reason? Thanks for helping mull this first trip and so looking forward to it.
Right now..this part is clear as mud!!

Posted by Ken
Spring, Texas
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You will pay quite a bit to ferry a car from Scotland to Ireland and then you have to get it back. Some companies won't allow you to take their cars to Ireland. You would probably be much better off walking on to the ferry or getting a cheap flight from Glasgow or Edinburgh. I don't know any car insurance program that covers Ireland. Before you depend on it, I suggest you specifically see in writing that it cover Norther Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. In Ireland, I suggest you get the super-CDW with no deductible. Even then, you'll be responsible for damage to any of the tires. On the "big island" the various credit card insurance works with the caveat that the car company could put a hold on your car for the entire amount of the car. That would wipe out your ability to use that card. I've not personally had that problem but I always use a "name" company and not a broker.

Posted by Nancy
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As the previous poster noted, it might be difficult/expensive/impossible to take a car by ferry to Ireland and back. There may be companies that allow it, but generally it would be better to drop your car in Scotland and re-rent in Ireland. No idea what the "continental surcharge" might be, but it might be more cost-effective to just take a cheap flight over and rent a different car. As for the CDW, I would also recomment the Super CDW which brings your deductible to 0 (with the exception of things like tires). I don't know about AAA insurance, but seems unlikely that American insurance would even cover a rental car in Ireland. Other American car insurance doesn't cover rentals anywhere abroad.