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Car Rentals ~ Florence Italy

Sicily by car rental company? Yes / No? I have never heard of the company and I want to make sure it's reputable company, also if any one knows where to rent a Fiat 500 convertible or compact convertible in Florence let me know as well. ~ Thank you Chris B

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Hopefully one of the others will have suggestions for a car rental in Florence. However a few other points to mention....

For driving in Italy, you'll require the compulsory International Driver's Permit, which is used in conjunction with your home D.L. You'll also have to be vigilant to avoid the ZTL (limited traffic) zones that exist in many towns (hefty fines for each pass through them). Florence is especially risky for drivers as the city has numerous automated ZTL cameras.

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Sicily by car rental company? Yes / No?

Make a search on TripAdvisor's Italy forum.

Before Covid, I was googling prices and reviews about rental Companies and I stumbled upon a thread full of complaints. It seems that some people were first forced to pick a dirty car and then were charged thousands for small, hidden scratches.

I'm not 100% sure the thread was about Sicily by Car: it may have been a specific agency doing so, or another company with a similar name.

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We used Sicily by Car for a one way rental from Palermo to Rome. The price was right and we had no issues. The Puegot we
got drove fine but it was a little cosmetically challenged which didn't bother me..I had a photo shoot to document the condition.

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We used them several times for rentals in southern Italy and never had any issues.