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Car Rental Online or over the phone?

Just was getting some estimates (we need an automatic lol) from the Orbitz website and couldn't find anything related to traveling outside of the original country of pickup. We plan on visiting Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

I've never used a travel agent as I've have always did all the arranging myself. Of course I've never been outside the US so this brings the question to mind, should I call them to ask about any extra fees?

I don't want to get to the airport in Germany only to have them tell me I can't take it over their country border cause that would sort of mess up the vacation. As of now, Hertz seems like the best deal (at the moment).


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You can book everything online. For rental cars visit Check for special offers and regular rates. After having selected the size of car (how many are you in a group, how many suitcases will there be?) you will be asked whether you want automatic or stick, gas or diesel. tick automatic and diesel!!! Don't drive a regular in Central Europe! Any car bigger than a Mercedes A-Class always comes with GPS system at Sixt's. So don't tick that as an extra requirement. Otherwise they make you pay extra for something you would have gotten for free anyway.