car rental in Koblentz , Germany

You all have been so helpful. Is it advisabile to pick up a rental car in koblenz in the after-hours time frame?. The sixt car rental is open Sat till noon, we are not arriving till 6pm/ Their website offers 24 hour pick-up. Has anyone done this?,..Also, are you aware how far the sixt car rental site might be from the Koblenz train station? are taxi's readily available. The other choice is to taxi to our rental in Ubar and return on Sun open hours (10-12) and pick up rental then...Thanks! also...should we spring for the GPS or just use iphone/portable from home?

Posted by David
Florence, AL, USA
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Roxanne: I checked w/ (my favorite), and Koblenz' rentals for them are also only open 1/2 day on Saturday and Sunday. You'd probably do better to come back the next morning. Urbar appears to just be a couple of miles north of Koblenz on the other side of the river. Check to see if your host has transportation available. A taxi would be your alternative transportation. Despite being a U. of Memphis graduate, I'm a paper map kind'a guy. Spring for the GPS if you need directions. Any U.S. cell phone or Iphone that uses a cell signal is to be avoided. Some apps do get GPS signals direct from satellites, however.
My favorite beer garden is at the Konisbacher Brewery, south of Koblenz on the west side of the Rhine. It's a great place to spend the afternoon watching the riverboats cruise up and down the river. The beer's great!

Posted by Denny
Columbus, OH, USA
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It may not apply at all, but I can say that last year we rented from Sixt, and returned the car after the office had closed. Our hotel said there was no bus back nor taxis and very, very kindly sent one of their employees in a car behind us to bring us back. Thank heavens, because the entire car return operation was done via some gigantic machine that I would have thought sold Coke. It was all in German, with no English prompts. Hans had a tough time figuring it out, we would have been sunk! We happily stopped for a few bottles of Hefeweissen back to the hotel to thank him for his efforts.

Posted by Andreas
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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Where are you just before you get to Koblenz? You can pick up a rental car anytime in Cologne for example... or Mainz... and then drive to Koblenz or Urbar.

Posted by Roxanne
Collierville, Tn, United States
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We will be just off the train connecting from Paris. I had checked Mainz but their office was also closed at noon on Sat/Sun. Seems like the only 24 hour open was at Frankfurt airport and seemed such a shame to drive 80 miles when we are staying so close to Koblenz...My understanding is that I can make an appt to pick up and they open their office for a 30 minute time frame after hours. but I am NOT sure about this...and no phone number or email given on the sixt website for the local offices..

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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I don't know about Koblenz, but I have picked up a car from Sixt after hours in Ă–stersund, Sweden. The representative met me at the airport. I would expect a similar arrangement for Koblenz, but at the train station. In your confirmation email, was there no phone number or email address given for customer service? Depending on the model of car you rent, a GPS may come as a standard feature of the car. The price of the rental is usually set by the size and mark of the car, not whether or not it comes equipped with a GPS. However, you'll pay more to rent one if the car doesn't have it built-in. Although I have a GPS in my car, I usually only use it as a scrolling map. Signage on German roads is excellent.

Posted by Roxanne
Collierville, Tn, United States
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All very interesting...I don't have a confirmation because I was afraid to pull the trigger and book. We will only be picking the car up after-hours, returning to Munich airport where Im sure there will be lots of help 24/7. It would be WONDERFUl if the Sixt rep would meet us at the train..It would also be great if the rental site was close to the train station, mapquest says 2ish kilometers.