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Car Lease Info From Auto Europe

I’m trying to decide whether to do a lease or rental car for my trip to France next fall. I did a lease in 2006 on my first trip to Europe and there were questions I didn’t know to ask. I just called Auto Europe to clarify some things regarding a lease. It comes with full insurance, but I wanted to know what would happen if there was an accident and the car wasn’t drivable. He said if the car is totaled the dealer would swap it out. If it needs to go in the shop for repair it has to go to the dealer. For example if it’s a Renault you take it to a Renault dealer. They can provide a loaner car, but of course you have to return to the dealer to get your car. We will be in western France and I don’t know how plentiful dealers are in the area we will be in. There have been other discussions about renting vs. leasing, so I hope this information can help others who are trying to make that decision.

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Thank you.

I once rented from Enterprise in Zurich and the car had an engine problem while we were in Austria. I paid for 24 hour roadside assistance but it was not available when I needed it. I had to waste the entire morning and half an afternoon driving it to the dealership in Innsbruck to get it fixed. Enterprise never even paid me back the lost time and the repair cost. This was a very bad experience. I never rent from Enterprise again, even in the USA.