Canadian memorials

We would like to go to the Canadian Memorials including Vimy - we have only two days and need to travel from and to Amsterdam. Can you recommend travel and any tours for the site? Thank you

Posted by Peter
Kingsville, Ontario
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Helen, a quick Internet search will turn up a number of such tours, you most likley will need to rent a car and do a mad dash drive from Amsterdam to Flanders and northern France though.

Posted by Peter
Kingsville, Ontario
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Helen, just did a quick check, Amsterdam to Lens about 3 1/2 hour drive all devided highway. Closer than Toronto, day tripish.

Posted by Southam
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
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Here is Veterans Affairs website for Vimy; it's quite useful You should go to Arras, the nearest rail centre. As you can see from the government website, there is little public transport to the memorial. No problem if you have a car; otherwise, taxi drivers are used to the drive and will return for you upon arrangement. Arras is a scenic town itself and was fought over in both the 20th Century wars so there is history to investigate there, too.
Tours of the Vimy site, including the fascinating tunnels, are guided by Canadian university students who can be very informative.

Posted by Nicole P
Truro, NS, Canada
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We took the train to Arras and got a taxi outside the train stn...I think he charged like 25euro...(it was 2010, little fuzzy). It was mid-Sept and hardly a soul around. When we were ready to return, one of the lovely Canadian girls at the pavilion called us a cab...who only charged us 15 to take us back, and also gave us an armload of brochures on all the sites and took a route back past the German and US cemetaries...I actually don't think he was an 'official' taxi as he didn't have a meter...prob a local guy they call (and much cheaper and nicer, tho very broken English). We spent a few hours there as a day trip fr Paris, and if it was up to hubby, would have stayed longer. Last year we visited the Canadian museum at Courseilles and tho I'm not a war buff, I actually found it interesting and touching. We had rented a car for that journey. Unless you hook up with a tour, a car is prob your best bet.