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Can I drive in France using a temporary Spanish licence??

I am stuck in France waiting for my replacement Spanish licence to be sent and I've been waiting since JUNE 2021 when I had the medical and applied!!!
I have been issued with a second temporary driving authorisation document by the dirección general de Trafico and this one is valid until 4th May. However, it states that it is valid for driving in Spain (if accompanied by passport etc) and I wonder if that means it is ONLY valid in Spain, or it is simply stating that, yes, you can use it to drive in Spain (but you could use it in another Eu country, just like the pink card licence.)
The actual wording is 'Valida para conducir por Espagne si va acompanada de un documento oficial de identificacion.'

Does anyone know who I could or should contact here in France to find out if I can use the permit here just to get me to the Spanish border, then home!!!

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3 Options.

(1) Get your temporary Spanish license, your passport, you clothes, and get in your car and simply drive home. Obey speed limit signs along the way, pay your tolls. You can be in Spain on Friday.

(2) & (3) Sell your car and your bulky belongings, pack a suitcase with necessary clothes. Go to (2) a train station or (3) an airport and simple go home.

No one is keeping you in France. You can go home any time you want.

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Go to a local police station and ask if what you have is satisfactory?

If 'yes', problem solved

If 'no', then previous post outlines the options

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Those are the best replies I have seen in months. I am still laughing but managed to avoid passing milk through my nose after I read them... Thank you.

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You ask at a Gendarmerie Nationale.