Caen to CDG by train

In May 2014 three of us will be traveling by train from Caen to CDG to catch a 7:30 PM flight. I had hoped there would be a direct train from Caen to CDG, but apparently there is not. The TGV from Caen goes to Gare St. Lazare, and from there it would be two RERs to CDG, or a combination metro and RER. Since our party includes seniors and we will be carrying luggage, all these changes are not appealing. Are there airport buses that service St. Lazare? Another alternative I have seen is Caen to La Mans, and then a direct TGV from there to CDG. Seems like a round about way, but perhaps better than making several train changes pulling luggage. Any suggestions?

Posted by Philip
London, United Kingdom
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There is no direct bus from St Lazare to CDG, but the Roissybus leaves from the Paris Opera (stop on the corner of rue Scribe and rue Auber) which is within walking distance. From the station, walk down rue du Havre, which is opposite the main front, until you reach rue Auber, then walk down that towards the Opera. Google's estimate is 700 metres and nine minutes, which sounds about right from my experience.

Posted by Janet
Seal Beach
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Thank you, Phillip, for that suggestion. I knew there had to be an easier way! I had not known about Roissybus, so will definitely check it out.

Posted by Norma
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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If your party is 3 or 4 in number, probably a taxi from Gare St. Lazare to the airport would be economical as well as more convenient.

Posted by Janet
Seal Beach
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Thank you Norma. I had thought of taxi, but thought another way might be less expensive. There will be three of us. From what I have found online, the Roissybus is 10 euros per person; the taxi 40-50 total. We shall have to weigh the slight extra cost and convenience against saving a few euros. It will probably depend upon how tired we are at the time! I do appreciate the help. Thanks.

Posted by Sam
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Sounds like the extra 20 euro would be money well spent, 700 meters is about a half mile. And the taxi will drop you right to your check in point at the airport.

Posted by Bets
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Leave penty of time because you'll be traveling out of the city during rush hour. The taxi can zig and zag somewhat, but the meter will still be turning. It could be about an extra half hour of bumper-to-bumper at that time of day. This is just one more element to factor in. On the bus you'll be sitting in traffic too, but at a set price. That train, even with the change, direct to CDG would start looking better to me in that situation.

Posted by Janet
Seal Beach
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Good point, Bets. If we get an early train from Caen we would arrive in Paris mid to late morning, so rush hour traffic should not be a factor. Of course, there could always be something else to to cause problems. At least now I know what the options are.