Cab from Civitavecchia to Old town Rome

We are going to be on cruise and are wondering if anyone went into ROme not thru the cruise ship tour/transfer and wondering your mode of transportation.we are looking at 400.00 for 4.Is bartering with a taxi cheaper?

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Do they offer something (like guided tours) besides transportation? 400 Euro? That's outrageous. I'll give you the cheapest option: - Walk from Port to Train Station on Viale della Repubblica, along the coast (1/2 mile=10 min. walk). - Buy a Regionale train ticket to Rome Termini (cost: 5 euro per person one way, approx. $7 p.p.) - Get on a Regionale train (there is at least 2 per hour in each direction. - Get to Rome in 1h and 5 min to 1h and 20 min, i.e. just as fast as your cruise ripoff transportation deal. - If you want to beat your fellow cruise friends who take that $400 car, take a fast Frecciabianca train. The cost is 15 euro instead of 5, but you get there in 45 min. There is no way a car can get that fast to Rome. If you must absolutely be on a car, then the best is to hire a Noleggio Con Conducente or NCC (Car Hire with Driver). That's even cheaper than a taxi (which is already cheaper than your cruise line ripoff). There are lots of NCC companies, but I'll give you two. You need to book ahead of time (click on the English flag for English). You'll save almost half of what your cruise is charging.