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Buy airline tickets for October Now??

We are going to Italy from the US, planning to fly into Florence and travel around by train for two weeks, then fly out of Rome back to the US.
This is our first trip. Do we lock in on non-refundable airline tickets NOW to guarantee our dates, or is it safe to wait until "later" to see if rates go down?

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Jayne, this one has been debated around here before. I personally would wait, but many people are anxious about tickets and have to buy them to begin making plans. October is low season making everything less expensive and easier to find, but some flights may not fly since I'm pretty sure major airlines aren't going to fly less than 1/2 full. I would wait until August or even later. I'm a teacher which limits my time to summer, but I watch all year and there are usually good sales going on for October through April. Sometimes you have to buy the cheaper airfare to another place and then consider buying the low cost carriers in Europe. For instance, a ticket to London for less than $400 makes it worth finding another airline from London to Italy. Most have 1 way fares making it easier to buy your into Florence, out of Rome. Beware of weight restriction.

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If you are Ok with the price buy now. Remember fuel surcharges can go up and rarely come down even if they should.Also some are already announcing Fall fare sales now ie Air France. Check also US Airways plus other majors to ensure you are getting a good fare.Also some Canadian low cost airlines like Zoom offer great fares but out of NY.

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I booked my tickets to Spain/Portugal in the beginning of January and am flying out July 3rd...we used miles and they limit seats on flights for miles...coming back home we fly from Lisbon-London-JFK, have to spend the night in NY/NJ and make it to Newark airport by the next morning. We thought 6 months was enough for us in advance but now we will have a rough journey home. If you are using miles at all I would suggest booking now. You can always use some miles and pay the rest. For us with our Alaska Airlines miles it costs 60,000 miles and we fly on their partner British Airlines. They even have 45,000 from continental but that was sold out for the time we wanted to travel.

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Thanks, everyone. I appreciate all of the different advice. I decided that there was no "correct" answer to my question, so I went ahead and bought the tickets so that I wouldn't be agonizing over it any more. $1238 round trip from Denver to Italy with only one stop and relatively short trip duration. What the heck, you only live once, right?

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It is a catch 22. I ussually get them as early as possible, as I have found the prices often increase. This time around there is a sale on now on the flight I am taking and I could have saved 200 bucks!
But when it comes to low cost airlines in Europe those are def cheaper the earlier you book.

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October in Italy is NOT low season. Most places, hotels, B&B's and Agriturismos in Italy consider it high season. I know as I booked my trip for 17 October - 6 November thinking it was still low season. WRONG!! The hotel/B&B rates are higher until the end of October then go down the first week of November. The trip to Italy will cost us about another $1,000+. We are budget travelers but just the cost of B&B's are running higher than expected.
Just picnic for lunch and eat light for dinner.
Happy travels to you.