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Has anyone booked through a discount airline travel/broker and will share their experience. We are spluging and want to fly business versus economy since husband just had hip surgery and is 6 4"-- We are flying to Paris in May and found a good nonstop direct flight on Air France business class for a good discount off the regular published airline fare and wanted to get feedback on prior to booking the flights. So far they have been professional and responsive and can't find much infor when I google. I think they are similar to skylux.

thank you in advance for your comments and feedback.

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Never heard of either one.

When I tried a booking via , it took me to to do the booking. The flights were on Delta

The Delta site was selling at the same price.

Having one (or two) intermediaries between you and the airline seems an invitation to trouble.

I have no 1st hand experience, but it looks like a "if it's looks too good...."

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There is no such thing as a "discount business class" ticket. None. Only scammers looking for their next victim.

"Business class consolidators", "business class bucket shops", "business class discount brokers"...Do. Not. Exist. Period.

There are, however, plenty of shady characters out there on the intertoobs hoping to sell you fraudulent tickets (these are either outright fakes, or tickets purchased using someone else's frequent flyer miles, which is ALWAYS a direct and easy-to-spot violation of that airline's program rules -- airlines take a very dim view of this activity, they view it as theft, and they are not shy about confiscating such tickets and leaving you stuck at the check-in counter with no ticket and no recourse).

Anything proffered as a "discount business class" ticket and sold by a third party will be one of those. If you doubt this, I suggest before handing over your money, you call the airline on which you hope to be flying and ask them if it's legit.

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I share David’s opinion. Here is a long TA thread. It has much conjecture, but it also has several people sharing negative experiences:

Trustpilot reviews are not particularly reliable, but it has a warning on its review page for the company that many reviews have been removed due to the appearance of being fake and the appearance of being generated by review-buying companies.

Lots of red flags here. I would never, never, never, never buy a ticket from this company, but I’m also firmly in the “buy direct from the airline” camp because of all the hassle I have seen people report on their third-party purchased tickets when things don’t go exactly as planned.

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I only book directly with the airline. Here is information listed on their site which describes the company as a ‘travel agency.’

“For customer service, please note that is not involved in reservations, changes or payment of any bookings or tickets. compares prices on a range of airlines, hotel groups and travel agents to help you find the best offers. Since the actual reservation is connected to the airline, hotel or travel agent you selected, any and all inquiries regarding reservations, changes and payments must be made directly to them.

To contact, please send an email to or reach out to us via the chat function.”

This information is straightforward and clear.

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The only cheap business class tickets can be obtained from the airline direct. Chek out airline sales, I've often found some decent fares and almost always buy our business class flights during the sales. If you're flexible with your dates you may even find first class flights equivalent to or only slighter more expensive than business. We did this when flying BA to Phuket, intiitally we looked at business class but then discovered flying a few days earlier via Kuala Lumpur we could fly in First for £100 more. We took advantage by spending a few days in Kuala Lumpur (somewhere I've been keen to visit) and then onto Phuket with the same journey on the return.

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While direct sellers of "discount" fares are highly suspect, the claim that "There is no such thing as a "discount business class" ticket" is, quite simply, wrong.

Airlines sell bulk capacity to companies like cruise lines and tour operators, who are under contractual restriction to only sell those seats to customers booking travel packages.

I've flown on deeply discounted, completely legitimate business class fares when joining a cruise on another continent, or when packaged with a hotel. (Worth noting- the airline contracts usually require 3 or 4 nights minimum in the hotel package, but not the whole length of the trip.) $800 one way to England to then sail back on the Queen Mary 2, booked through Cunard. $2,000 round trip including 4 nights in a 4* hotel in central Paris.

All the major airlines have a tour operator brand (TO being the industry term for any company packaging travel from wholesale and selling to consumers—not limited to operators of guided tours, like RS). AAVacations, UnitedVacations, DeltaVacations, etc... They are actually separate companies that license the brand and exclusively sell under that carrier.

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Here, I fixed that for you:

"There is no such thing as a "discount business class" ticket sold by ANY third party unconnected to the airline. None.

In rare cases you might be able to find an authentic business class ticket sold directly by the airline itself or an associate of that airline , BUT NOT SOLD BY ANYONE ELSE."

If you are considering something sold by a third-party that is NOT connected to the airline, then you are looking at buying a fraudulent ticket.

If you have any doubts, call the airline, give them the name of the outfit pushing the fraudulent, em, "discount" ticket, and ask them if that ticket will be valid.

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We found what I consider decent Business class fares on Condor from the west coast. La Compagnie is all business class and flies from New York. It had good specials earlier in the year.

Mary in Spokane.

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Diana: where are you based? When will you travel?
The cheapest way to fly business (beside having your employer pay for it) is to use miles. If you do not have enough miles in your mileage accounts, you can always buy them. Wait for a sale and you can often get bonus miles up to 60%. Currently, there's a sale by Alaska airlines which ends today.

Of course, using mileage tickets is a tricky thing to do if you have a large party. Very often airlines reserve only a small number of seats per flight for mileage tickets.

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As a long time reader of message boards I can only restate the earlier posters. Do not give your $$$$$ to these agents. There is no cheap airfare fairy only people trying to rip you off.

I’ve read several stories of people who got tickets from milage brokers like this and actually got to take the first flight to their destination only to have the return ticket cancelled

A source I use for reliable info on business class sales is this forum

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Oh, BTW, beside buying airline miles at a discount, another way to boost your mileage is credit card sign-up offers. Wait for a great sign-up bonus offer. Sometimes, the bonus miles are enough to cover one-way biz class travel from the US to Europe.