Buses in Croatia

Im traveling around Crotia for about a week and half, but am finding the bus/train schedules online, a bit confusing. I fly into Zadar early in the morning on Friday, and want to continue on to Split that same day. The next day I travel to Dubrovnik.
The following Thursday or Friday I want to either go back to Split, or directly to Plitvik Lakes park, and the day after, return to Zadar to fly out. Does anyone know of any buses or trains to/from these cities, or an easier online schedule to read? Thanks!

Posted by Agnes
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There are frequent buses between Dubrovnik and Split every day. I found reading the schedules online pretty difficult too, so I just showed up at the bus station and bought tickets right there and then. You should have no problems getting around these cities. I can't answer for Plitvice Lakes but given the number of tourists who go there, I'm sure there's a fairly easy way to get there...I would just wait until you're actually in Croatia (just get the tickets a day before, you should be fine)

Posted by Kevin
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Danielle, looking at both printed and online railway timetables it looks simple enough, apart from the trip up to Plitvice Lakes National Park. The problem is that daytime trains don't seem to stop at the nearest station, Vrhovine (which is Vrhovi-Plitvi Jezera on the bahn.com journey planner). Google suggests that a bus from Split is the best way to get to the lakes. Zadar to Split - you have to change at Knin. Bahn.com shows the same times as my printed timetable, which is the same as the Croatian Railways timetable you can download as a PDF: http://www.hzpp.hr/lgs.axd?t=16&id=10337 You will see that Vrhovine appears in that timetable as well. Split to Dubrovnik - my railway timetable probably doesn't tell you anything that you haven't found with Google - up to 18 buses per day, journey time from 4 hours to 5 hours 10 minutes, various operators and their tickets are not interchangeable. Split bus station is next to the railway station.