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I will be in southern Spain and Portugal next year and will be depending on trains and buses to get around. What is the best way to get from Tarifa, Spain, to Silves, Portugal? Much obliged, Tim

Posted by Neil
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I would be happy to help but you have two seemingly contradictory posts and I am not minded to spend time on providing the detail if you are just throwing out ideas. What are you truly trying to accomplish?

Posted by David
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Tim: I have discovered that Mapquest.com covers all of Western Europe, and I use it constantly. From Tarifa to Silves is about 280 miles. My niece has an oceanfront house outside Faro, Portugal that we have available for our use. She was telling us that the SW portion of Spain is not especially scenic. I was thinking we'd just jump over to Barcelona, but found out it was 650 miles. Spain is a very large country. It appears that only about 3 rail lines go into/out of Spain/Portugal, and they're very far from SW Spain. Faro is the regional airport where you're going, and you can catch a train over to Silves from Faro. Check flight schedules to see if you can get to Faro.