Bus or Train in Ireland?

Hello RS Travelers, We need your insight! We will be spending 3 nights in Dublin and then either bus all the way to Dingle (for three nights)or train to Tralee and bus from there to Dingle. While everyone says drive, that's not an option. So, questions: 1. Is the countryside seen from one or the other on this route better by one mode than the other, bus or train? 2. Is the luggage more secure on the train? We don't want to feel like we have to be on guard at every stop on the bus route? 3. Are trains in Ireland far more comfortable (leg room,etc.) than busses? 4. Can one assume that brief bathroom breaks do happen on longer bus rides? 5. While the bus is substantially cheaper than the train, are there advantages/disadvantages that we should consider? We plan to leave Dingle and go straight to Belfast for two nights and then perhaps rail/sail to Glasgow, Scotland. Has anyone had experience using this approach? I've looked at the Stena website but think there is another ferry line also. From Glasgow (2 nights), we plan to take the West Highland Line up to Mallaig (2 nights). Questions:
1. We'll have a British rail pass, which we can use on this line, but should we reserve seats? I was quite surprised how expensive it was to do so. My husband and I will be doing this all, beginning May 17. We've used public transportation, primarily train, in many areas of Europe; but this is our first trip to Ireland, N Ireland, and Scotland. Your comments would be appreciated!

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I think your choices are limited. I would take the train to Tralee and a bus (coach) from there. I think you can take a train as far as Killarney. Unless they've extended the train line in the past few years, there is no train to Dingle Peninsula. The train is more expensive but faster and more comfortable. The longest bus ride I took was Dublin to Galway and took only a few hours. I don't remember a bathroom break. I would take the train if I had it to do over.