Bus from Barcelona El Prat T1

Hey guys, I have a quick question since I've never been in Barcelona's airport before. My flight arrives at 9h20 (T1) and there is a bus to Lleida that leaves T1 at 11h45. Is there enough time between my flight landing and the bus time to make it safely? Gracies!

Posted by Bob
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Hi Anna. Haven't been to Barcelona, but since nobody else answered yet.. I've been to many airports in Europe, and it normally takes no more than an hour after landing to get out of airport. Enjoy your trip!

Posted by Sasha
Bainbridge Island
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We have been to Barcelona and it was less than an hour from plane landing to getting on a bus into town. There was hardly any line at immigraton, and we walked through the "green line" at customs.

Posted by Anna
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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Thanks so much -- I really appreciate it :)