Brussels to Reims

Is it possible to train directly from Brussels to Reims without having to go back through Paris? Also, is there train service (even a local milk run) from Reims to Verdun? Thanks. TC

Posted by Christi
Whitsett, TX, United States
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Not really - you can do it with several changes but it actually takes longer than going back to Paris and on to Reims.

As for the other:

Reims Su, 06.07.14 dep 09:19 RE 40601 Regional-Express
Number of bicycles conveyed limited, 2nd class only
Chalons en Champagne Su, 06.07.14 arr 09:56

Transfer time 24 min.
Adjust the transfer time
Chalons en Champagne Su, 06.07.14 dep 10:20 Bus33091 Bus
2nd class only
Verdun Su, 06.07.14 arr 12:08

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Posted by Sam
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There is, but it takes almost twice as long. You can avoid the walk from Nord to Est by taking a route that changes at CDG to a train to Champagne-Ardennes, which is just outside Reims. There is a connection from there to Reims proper. Reims to Verdun, the last leg is always by bus as far as I can see.

Posted by TC
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I'll check out the CDG to Champagne-Ardennes option. Thanks for the suggestion. It is greatly appreciated. TC