Bruges from pier to Markt Square

We are arriving in Zeebrugge by cruise ship. Are there taxis or shuttle buses at the pier to take us into town, preferably to Markt Square? What is the cost? (Cruise line charges $80 per person for bus ride to Walplein.) Thank you!

Posted by Dawn
Denver, CO
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You may want to ask this question on - you may get more responses there. Good luck - charging $80 per person is ridiculous!

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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I don't know where exactly cruise ships dock, but on the Belgian rail website, picking a stop that sounds like it could be close by ("Strand", Dutch for "beach"), I see a one hour trip via public transportation. It would require taking a bus to the center of Zeebrugge, then a commuter train to Brugge, then another short bus ride to the Markt. Knowing the rough costs of public transportation in Belgium, I doubt this trip would cost much more than €15.

Posted by Barbara
Placaentia, CA, US
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Wow - sounds too complicated and time consuming for me, but thank you for your response!