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britrail day trips from london

I am planning on purchasing a London & Southeast England area Britrail Pass so I can take multiple day trips from London during my August visit. What is the best way to get to and from Bodiam Castle with this in mind? I can't seem to find clear travel instructions online. Any other tips for day trips to Bath, Portsmouth, Canterbury, Dover, Warwick, Arundel, Leeds, Salisbury etc?

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Did you already have a look at this website? There is a link to how to plan your travel.

Have you costed how much the BritRail pass is compared to point to point?

Alternatively, you can consider purchasing a £20 rail card that will save you 1/3 on fares.

Bath is easy by train or even coach

Warwick, Portsmouth, Dover and Canterbury dumps you right out. Very easy day trips.

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Great choice for a place to visit. My mum was born and raised in Hastings not to far from Bodiam. During the war she was sent to a small village not far from Bodiam, Robertsbridge I think. Anyway, she used to go and play on the grounds of Bodiam with a good friend. Her friend said that one day she would end up living there [its a very nice looking castle] and sure enough, years later she ended up marrying a man that worked for the National Trust and they became the castle "caretakers". I remember going to visit them back in the early 80's or even the end of the 70's. Played cricket on the fields surrounding the castle. Another fine castle down there in Sussex is Arundel castle [google and check out their website] or Herstmonceux [not really a castle if you ask me but nice all the same]
Apart from that, do a day trip to Cambridge [grew up there, its about 85mins from London by train and a 2 min bus or taxi ride into town to view the universities. If you are willing to go as far as Leeds then come slightly south and east and maybe take a visit to Lincoln. Steep hill climb up to the amazing cathedral.
Anyway, babbling on a bit here, but I am going to be taking my wife to Bodiam as its one of my favourite places as we used to go there quite regularly as kids