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Bristol Airport Easyjet

Hi, I would appreciate any help... we have easyjet flight landing at 12:10 pm Pisa to Bristol, and scheduled easyjet flight 13:40 Bristol to Inverness.

Assuming flight is on time, would we have enough time to get to 2nd flight? I'm not familiar with Bristol airport and easyjet customer service had no information.

We have carry on only and seats at front of plane.

thank you

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You don't say when your flights are. There is currently a lot of disruption as quarantine requirements are imposed or lifted, so the whole situation is unpredictable. Easyjet does not offer connecting flights, so you will be considered as passengers on two separate journeys. There is only one terminal at Bristol, but it is quite a long way from one end to the other. You will need to go through immigration when you arrive, and a non-UK passport can either be an advantage or disadvantage there.

I don't think you have enough time to make the connection, given all the possible hold-ups on the way.

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If Maja is in Woodbridge, that is Suffolk near Ipswich so possibly a UK passport? Although her questions reflect Canadian dollars??

So possibly Woodbridge Ontario, north of TO. So probably a Canadian passport?

Good to see you again Maja.

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Thanks Bob, Nigel- I'm learning that almost every city name in Canada comes from the UK. We are in Canada and flights booked for next summer.

90 minutes between flight arrival and departure in same terminal (Easyjet) in Bristol.

I've been searching connection times on the forum, and it seems 90 minutes within same terminal should be ok?

Traveling with teens so moving quickly won't be a problem

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A reminder that easyJet considers each flight separate and if you miss a connection, tough. Even if it's easyJet's fault, the customer pays for the next appropriate ticket, usually more expensive than originally. (I don't know if the pandemic has loosened that policy.)

An aside about Canadian city names: I live near the city of Windsor, Ontario, and there are several other municipalities named for that royal location in other provinces. Yes, plenty of other names migrated from the British Isles. But the name of the biggest city, Toronto, comes from a First Nations word. Montreal is French. And Kitchener was New Berlin until the advent of the First World War made the English general's name more, uh, tactful.

Nigel probably can add examples as he has demonstrated a good knowledge of the dominion's geography.

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Thanks for your good advice everyone - we decided to spend the day in Bath and travel next day to Inverness rather than risk missing the flight. Always very helpful!

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Good to see I was not the only one curious about which "Woodbridge"

A cursory search found one in at least three different US states.

Happy to see you found a solution to eliminate the stress of a close transfer

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a good knowledge of the dominion's geography

Only Ontario and east, really. 3 years at McGill, same as my mother several years earlier. Had to do a CEGEP Canadian/Canadien history course as I was at the time living a four hundred miles south.

Geography was always my thing..

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Thanks for your good advice everyone - we decided to spend the day in
Bath and travel next day to Inverness rather than risk missing the

That sounds like a good idea. It is also worth remembering that this is a trip made after the UK de facto leaves the EU so it is hard to say what the border procedures will be upon arrival in the UK.