Booking train from Paris to Munich

I am trying to book tickets from Paris to Munich and have a couple of questions. #1 - When I search, I get trains scheduled from Paris to both Munich HBF and Muenchen Pasing. Is Pasing a "suburb" of Munich and a reasonable alternative to Munich HBF? #2 - Looking for trains on website, I get this notification "Your connection includes trains for a place reservation is needed . You can also reserve places for the remaining trains during the booking process. The fee for the trains that require a place reservation is not included in the fare displayed.
A connection reservation is subject to a charge." The site does allow me to reserve a seat in addition to getting the ticket only on the German side of the trip (from Stuttgart or Mannheim). How do I get a reservation for the France side.

Posted by Lee
Lakewood, Colorado
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Pasing is indeed a western suburb of Munich. Most trains coming into Munich stop in Pasing. There is S-Bahn service from there into the Munich Hbf tief (deep, as in subway station) as well as a lot of regional train that go into the ground level part of the Hauptbahnhof). Use the German Rail (Bahn) website to find schedules. I believe you will find that most trains that stop in Pasing go on to Munich Hbf. I think if you book the TGV from Paris to Mannheim and the ICE to Munich, the reservation for the TGV will be mandatory and included in the price of the ticket.

Posted by Tim
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Lee is correct. If you book the entire route on, a reservation for the leg on a TGV from Paris to either Frankfurt or Mannheim will come with the ticket and be included in the fare.

Posted by Maurice
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I am in a similar situation - booked Paris to Nuremberg (via Frankfurt) on In booking the reservation I got the same message that Michelle got. I have seat reservations for the Frankfurt > Nuremberg leg ... but NOT the TGV segment from Paris to Frankfurt. How? ... When? ... Where? can I book seat reservations for the French segment??? According to everything that I have read, seat reservations are required for the TGV trains.

Posted by Michelle
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I booked my trip and was allowed to choose seats only for the Germany leg of my trip. When I printed out my ticket I saw that the Paris to Mannheim part of my trip has reserved seats, which were assigned automatically. Although the ticket that I printed is in German I could see the seat numbers printed after "Pl." on the ticket.

Posted by Lee
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Pl = Platz = place (short for Sitzplatz or seat).