Booking tickets with a swiss pass

My train is Eurocity EC 12 train timing is as follows Milan 7.10>Chiasso 7.49 Chiasso 7.52>Arth goladu 10.09 Change with IR 2170 arth goladu 10.14>luzern 10.41 My question is if i have a Swiss pass & i book my ticket from Trenitalia from Milan to Chiasso can i remain on the same seat for the Chiasso to Arth goladu part without booking for the latter part Thanking you awaiting your reply

Posted by Sam
Green Bay
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Try booking this ticket through SBB at When you go to the purchase page, enter your pass info and it should give a reduced price reflecting the Italian portion of the journey. Then you'll have all the seat reservations.

Posted by Sasha
Bainbridge Island
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I would not book a ticket for travel originating in Italy on SBB, unless it is a printable ticket online. If it is not, you would have to pick it up in Switzerland impossible unless you are there earlier in the trip) or pay to have it mailed (expensive). Instead, I would book it on Trenitalia for the Milan to Arth-Goldau train. Choose a train and hit continue. On the next screen you will see "select your fare" with a drop-down menu. If you have a Swiss Pass, choose either GA Swiss 1 if you have a first Class pass, or GA Swiss 2 for a 2d class pass. It will then show a fare of 14, 20 euro for the Italy portion, not charge for the Swiss portion, and you will have a reserved seat the whole way to Arth-Goldau.