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Boarding Passes

Hello, I am a first time flier and I wanted to know about boarding passes. I am planning on going from BWI airport in Baltimore to MCO Airport in Orlando. My flight has a connection layover in Atlanta. My question is, when I go to print off my boarding lass either online or through a kiosk, will it print both boarding passes for the initial flight and the connecting flight or do I have to print another one when I land in Atlanta for the connecting flight? Both flights are through the same airline.

Also, when exiting my initial flight to go to my connecting flight (both domestic) is it standard procedure to proceed directly to your next gate if its through the same airline and you have your boarding pass already on hand or do I have to exit and go through security again? Thanks for any input.

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A lot depends on the specific airline and specific airports, but in general:

You will get both boarding passes at the same time when you check in if the flight as booked as a single ticket regardless of where you check in. If you are checking luggage, it will go to your end destination and you will not have to pick it up and re check it during your connection as long as the flights are on one single ticket.

You should not have to go through security again. Just go to the next gate. If the connection is in a different terminal, depending on how the airpot is built you may have to go through security again when changing terminals.

Have a good journey!

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A friend of ours flew for the first time ever this past Feb - he’s in his 50s and has never boarded a flight - and he could not print his boarding passes at home. He had to show his government issued ID to an agent at the airport. He was told it was because he wasn’t in their system so someone had to see his physical ID.

Usually, tho, both boarding passes will print if it’s the same airline, same ticket. I want to add that IF both boarding passes do not print when you check in at home, then either try again at a kiosk at the airport or see an agent at the counter.

When you get to Atlanta and you have your boarding pass, just proceed to your gate. If it’s in the same terminal, you won’t have to go thru security again.

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If it’s in the same terminal, you won’t have to go thru security again.

Not correct. Even if it’s in a different terminal you won’t have to pass through security again. The airport is huge but easy to navigate. Be sure you have at least an hour to connect.

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And depending on how my connection time you have, stroll all along the connector hallways between the terminals. There are some really neat displays down there.

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Whether you have to go through security or not to make the connecting flight depends on the airport as others said.

Don’t worry about paper boarding passes. Download the app for the airline and have the boarding passes on your smartphone.

This is a twi-fold benefit in that not only will you not have to worry about paper boarding passes, but better than that is gate changes will be updated to your smartphone and that is particularly helpful if you have a tight connection and there is a last minute gate change. So download the airline’s app,

Since you’re connecting in Atlanta, if the airline is Delta, the app is great.