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Bit confused about youth SNCF fares...

I'm under 25, and when I'm looking to buy a point-to-point ticket for France on SNCF's website, it asks if the traveler is a youth (12-25) or an adult (26-59). Then there's a second drop down box asking if the traveler has any sort of card or season ticket. To be able to purchase a youth ticket instead of an adult one, do I also have to purchase the Youth Eurail pass or the 12-25 card that is sold on the SNCF website? If not, will I be asked to show ID to prove that I'm under 25 when traveling? For some of my trip I will be traveling with someone who is 27, and I want to make sure it's ok to purchase one adult ticket and one youth ticket when we are traveling together without me having a youth pass or card, or if we need to have 2 adult tickets.

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