Best way to travel from Sicily to Positano

We will be traveling inland in Sicily (longi) on 10 August we depart for Positano. I have a car and can depart Sicily from Palermo, Messina, or Catania. What's our fastest route? I think it may be by train outside of Messina (after ferry). We are traveling with two teen girls. Thank you for your assistance.

Posted by Tom
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Fastest would of course be to fly from Palermo to Naples, then use the local Circumvesuviana train/SITA bus connections via Sorrento to Positano. There is an every-30-minute shuttle bus between Naples airport and the Naples Centrale train station. You don't have to cross back to the mainland to take a train from Sicily, if the train is your preference. You can board the train in Palermo and go all the way to Naples. The train itself crosses the straits on a huge barge - crossing takes about 40 minutes. Another option is to take the train from Palermo to Salerno. From Salerno you can get to Positano either by SITA bus - or by ferry. This is actually a more direct route than going via Naples and Sorrento.

Posted by Steve
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Fly! Out of Palermo or Catania to Naples on one of the lo-cost inter EU airlines that you can find on Whichhbudget or Pay attention to weight and luggage restrictions. When you walk out of the door of the airport you will find the awesome clean Curreri line bus that will take you to Sorrento. Then transfer to the Sita bus line for the final leg to Positano. Check to see if all schedules match up. With four of you, a private shuttle from the airport can be a great option. Another option is to take the overnight car ferry from Palermo to Naples, (with or without the car)If you don't take the car you make your way to the to the Circumvesuviana train, or better yet, take a fast passenger shuttle ferry from Naples directly to Positano. Whatever you do, DO NOT take the train from Sicily to Naples. It is long and boring, and you could end up on one of the old trains that ply that route. But, I have seen previous info that you can now special catch hi-speed trains out of So Italy to Naples, but do not have experience with them. Oh, I forgot the "long shot": take a car ferry from Messina to the mainland , and then drive to Positano.

Posted by Faith
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Grazie Mille! Thank you Tom and Steve for your excellent recommendations! I can't wait to be "Under the Tuscan Sun!"

Posted by Roberto
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If you want to be under the "Tuscan" sun, you need to go a couple of hundred miles farther north. Positano is in Campania.

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In the movie the heroine buys a home in Cortona -- I love this town. She meets a man and drives south with him to a beach in Positano. You were correct to say I'm not in Tuscany.