Best way to travel from Rothenburg to Garmisch

Hello, my husband and I arrive in Rothenburg at 8am and plan to drive along the Romantic Rd. and stay the night in Garmisch the same day (looks like about a 3 hr. drive without stops, although we plan on spending the day stopping wherever). Can someone help us with what is the best way-bus tour or rental car? And how we go about finding out locations (we arrive on the train in Rothenburg-where to rent a car if that's the case) Thank you very much!

Posted by Lee
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"looks like about a 3 hr. drive without stops" ViaMichelin shows a 3h13m drive by the fastest route, 80% of which is on "motorways". Virtually none of that route is the actual Romantic Road. All you are doing is getting from point A (Rothenburg) to point B (Garmisch-Partenkirchen). ViaMichelin shows the "sightseeing" route" going through some of the towns on the Road, bypassing others, but that route takes more like 4 hours, still not including stopping in towns.

Posted by Jon
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To do what you want, by car is best. To rent a car your best bet is in Würzburg, which is still on the Romantic Road, and is not too far north of Rothenburg. If you can't change your train ticket, Eurolines gives you bus schedules and prices for buses that will get you all the way to Füssen, but not to Garmisch. If you take the bus I would recommend to get off in Munich and take the train to Garmisch. However, this option will take more than 6 hours without time to get off and enjoy.