Best way to get from Stockholm to Kiruna?

We have reservations for 2 nights in Kiruna, Sweden to see the Northern Lights in Dec. but are having difficulty finding transportation from Stockholm to Kiruna. Can you suggest the best (cheapest/fastest) way to get there? (I realize cheapest & fastest may be at odds with one another.) Train routes in Sweden seem to be down right now - can't find anything on Rail Europe & was hoping to find a discounted airline to get us there but can only find major airlines & cost is out of budget. Thanks for your help!

Posted by Nicholas
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You have two basic options: Fly or take the train. The other poster linked to the SJ website, which is where you would buy tickets for the trains in Sweden. Some people have issue with the SJ website and American credit cards. You can also use ("Book trains".se), if that's an issue for you. It's run by Veolia, which is a legit train company there. Tickets will run between 1300kr to 1500kr for a place to lay down and sleep, based on me picking a random day in December. The train ride takes 17 hours if you take the night train and 22 hours if you take the one during the day. That's about $200-$225. On the other hand, you can also fly SAS there. They have daily flights that take 1.5 hours from ARN to KRN. Flights vary depending on when you go, but they seem to be ranging from 1,427 to 3,100kr. That's $215 to $420, with the average higher price sitting around $375. Here's an image of what the prices look like right now: That's the best I can do without knowing your dates and flexibility. Also, SAS is it. No one else goes there during the winter: