Best US airport, for flight to Marco Polo airport Italy

Greetings everyone! We are heading to Italy in May of 2015- I was wondering if anyone out there had some information on which US airport had the most direct flights or 1 stop flights to Marco Polo Airport?

We have always booked out of Houston, but have wondered if there is a US airport that has the most
scheduled flights? Any thoughts ?


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I have been looking at this as well. Last time I checked Delta and US Airways had seasonal flights to Venice from New York (Delta) and Philadelphia (US Airways).

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Swiss Air from Boston has one stop in Zurich. Don't know about which airport has the most scheduled flights.

Posted by Harold
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It's easiest to use Kayak:

Put in Houston as your starting point, Venice as your destination, and see what comes up. You can then use the filters on the left to select one-stop flights, choose how long a connection you will tolerate, select connecting airports or airlines, etc - very handy.

You'll see that you can change in JFK or PHL (I think sometimes there's a nonstop from ATL as well), but you may prefer to fly nonstop from IAH to Europe, then change there to VCE. This will probably be shorter overall, and you have fewer problems in the event of a delay. From PHL and JFK, there's only one flight to VCE a day, but from, say, Paris or Frankfurt, there's several a day.

However, if you're returning from VCE to the US, the flights that connect in Europe often leave a very early hours. Getting from Venice to the airport early is expensive, time-consuming, or both. So you may prefer to use the PHL or JFK flight on the way back, as they leave somewhat later.

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From Houston, you could also go Lufsthansa through Frankfort or KLM through Amsterdam to Marco Polo Airport in Venice.

Both are preferable in quality to United, which is another airline operating to Europe out of Houston.

Marco Polo is a relatively small airport and doesn't have direct U.S. flights most of the year. I prefer to fly to and from the U.S. through Milan or Rome when going to Italy.

If you fly out of Florence or Venice, they'll try to get you to fly out @ 6:00 a.m., where you'll be flying to another European gateway city where you sit until mid day. It's tough enough flying to the U.S., but even more difficult when you don't have a decent prior night's sleep.