best travel option in UK?

Hi, We are planning on visiting Cardiff, Stratford upon Avon, Oxford, and Stonehenge before heading into London to spend about 5 days in the city. Can't decide if car (we would need automatic transmissoion), railpass, or point to point rail tickets would be cheapest and/or least stress? Any thoughts from people who have travelled in these areas?

Posted by Ed
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If Cardiff's the start point, how are you getting there? How many days to you have before getting to London ?

Posted by colene
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we fly in and out of Heathrow. We arrive on a Saturday morning and were planning in being in London starting on Wednesday or Thursday - so we have about 5 days to play with before we want to be in the city. We also have been in London before so day trips from London to see say Stonehenge is also a possibility if that is easier then squeezing it into the touring part of our trip.