Best reasonablely priced hotel near the Munich Airport with shuttle service

I have a 7:15 AM departure fight out of the Munich airport and need to stay close. I need to stay somewhere that has a shuttle service to the airport, any recommendations? Also, what about staying somewhere close enough so the cab fare would not eat me alive? Thanks in advance for you helpful sugggestions. Bob

Posted by David
Florence, AL, USA
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Kempinski Hotel is in the airport and the Novatel is closeby. Both are expensive. Checkout the Best Western Grand City Hotel Munich Neufahrn. They have airport shuttle service and service to the train station. And the price is right. The Munich Airport really is not surrounded by that many hotel properties.

Posted by Lee
Lakewood, Colorado
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You have a 7:15 flight out of Munich airport? Why in Heaven's name did you book this flight before you knew how you could get to the airport in time? And what do you have against public transportation? However, there are an abundance of lodging possibilities in Freising, some of them quiet reasonable. Freising is only a 22 min MVV bus ride from Munich airport. Buses leave every half hour starting at 4:05 AM from the Freising Bahnhof. You should be able to find a place in Freising and get to the airport by city bus in time for your flight.