Best Car Rental Agency for Spain to Portugal?

We are a family of four trying to travel from Seville,Spain to Lisbon Portugal. We are on a fairly tight schedule as this occurs late in our trip. We've more or less decided that renting a car and driving is probably the best alternative, though not ideal. Any ideas or thoughts on the best car rental agencies to choose for this trip? Most of the US based companies are outrageously expensive, but feeling a little unsure of the European ones. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Posted by Jeff
Bend, OR, United States
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Before you do anything else check out what the drop charge is if you do that. It would well be more than the rental. You can take the bus for €44 per person.

Posted by Neil
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Sorry no idea. Would never do it because of the repatriation costs from all agencies.

Posted by Ed
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It's not that the US companies are expensive, it's that you're seeing drop-off fees for a second country. Speaking of small cars only, since that's what I use (although they wouldn't serve your needs), to rent one in either country for a couple or three days might cost about thirty-five bucks per day - - rent it for the same three days and drop it in the second country and the cost per day will jump to at least two-fifty per. To pull this off at any price, you're going to have to stick with the major, international outfits. Most of the local companies only have one, maybe three, offices, and they're all in the same country. Also, their contracts are pretty non-standard, so you'd better have an astute knowledge of Spanish to prevent buying a pig in a poke.

Posted by DH
San Antonio, TX, USA
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Drop charge may be a problem. We were very happy with Hertz for 2 weeks in October. Rental was arranged on line via AAA.