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Bernina Express from Lugano to Chur

Hello all, I have been struggling with the timings and route of the Bernina Express and was hoping to get some advice here. I understand that the first part of the Bernina Express is by bus from Lugano to Tirano and by train from Tirano onwards. I am trying to find out the following and would greatly appreciate any info. 1. When/where does the bus leave from Lugano? How do I make reservations for the bus ride? I'll have a Swiss Rail pass, so think the basic fare is covered but I'd still need a resevration? 2. What time does the bus reach Tirano and when does the Bernina Express train leave? In short, how much time do I have at Tirano to get something to eat, walk around etc.? 3. Is the Bernina Express train from Tirano to Chur direct or are there stops/changes in between? I will be catching a train from Chur to Zurich in the evening so am trying to get a sense for when I'll be reaching Chur. Thanks so much!!!

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