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Benelux Pass or Point to Point?

We (husband and I) will be taking the train from Amsterdam (not using any other trains in The Netherlands)to Brussels. Will use the train to go to Brugges and Ghent, and to Luxembourg and back to Brussels. Train to Paris, and then Eurostar to London.

Is it worth getting the Benelux pass for those trips as well as any discount I would receive on the Eurostar and the high speed train to Paris? Or should I simply use point to point and buy Brussels-Paris, and Paris-London?

We are traveling in Sept and Oct and none of the sites I have checked have prices that far in advance.

Everyone here has such a wealth of knowledge on this topic that I will go with what you recommend. Thank you!

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If I were you, I would check the train prices now for the trains you want to take, add up the prices total and then chose whether a Benelux pass is worth it.

When I started planning my own trip several months back, I couldn't use my exact travel dates either to check for pricing, but I have found that between then and now the prices haven't shifted much (if at all). I don't think buying train tickets is the same as airlines where the prices go up as seats become more scarce. I believe the pricing is relatively stable so you should be able to get the information you need to make a decision about whether a pass is worth it.

Good luck - I hope you have a fantastic trip.