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(UPDATE) Before I spend hours on phone. Who to call?

Update: Just hung up from Alaska Airlines Customer Service. I did not wait on hold entered my number they called back in 14 min. All my miles returned, all partner fees refunded, all taxes refunded. It could not have been easier. I am very grateful. Extremely trying times for all and I realize travel is a privilege I will appreciate even more in the future.

I used my Alaska Airlines miles to book flights from Seattle to Amsterdam leaving May 8th on British Air. Returning May 31st on Aer Lingus also using Alaska Airline miles Edinburgh/Dublin/Seattle. My question is do I call Alaska Air, or BA an Aer lingus individually. I have read to please wait to allow people with more pressing needs to get through to the airlines if your trip is farther out. But I just received the message on the BA app that tickets through May 31 2020 can be changed. I have been in contact with the B&B's in Scotland and Amsterdam all saying pretty much the same. Lots of cancellations but no virus as yet in the Highlands. I don't want to be the person bringing it.

Anyone had success with miles tickets? I mostly need to know where to start.

Thank you,

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You might start by using the Alaska App and enter requested info. That might give you some answers?
We got a message on our American App saying the same thing. I’m glad I looked because they changed our seats. Our flight isn’t until 9/20 though.
I was able to fix our seats, thankfully.

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Always start with the company you made the purchase from, in this case Alaska, especially when having redeemed miles or points for the purchase.

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Call Alaska Airlines. I recently canceled an Alaska Airlines miles ticket for a flight from Rome to SFO on American Airlines. There was no need for me to contact American.

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I assume you have read Alaska's cancellation policy but here it is just in case:

They have not extended the policy beyond April 30 yet. Since you purchased the tickets with Alaska miles, it is their policy, not BA's that applies. You can confirm this by checking your ticket numbers( on the confirmation email). They should start with 027.

There is no point in calling now, especially since they ask you not to, unless travel is within 72 hours.

You can cancel now online and pay the cancellation fee ($125 per ticket). Or you can wait and see if they extend the dates for waiver of the fee ( which I predict they will do).

I canceled our March 4 one-way tickets to Switzerland with Alaska miles before they had the waiver in place, and paid the fee. No other option at the time I did that. But you can wAit, and may get the waiver.

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Thank you all for the quick responses. Lola your link was especially helpful. When I log in online this is the message I receive at my reservation:
"Due to flight schedule changes, manual assistance is required on this reservation. Call Alaska Airlines at 1-800-ALASKAAIR (1-800-252-7522) at your earliest convenience.'

When I call the recording directs me to cancel online. It will not allow me to cancel online. I understand the unprecedented volume of calls so I will bide my time and call closer to my departure.

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Kathleen, thanks for the update and so very glad you had success!