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We have a trip booked that starts in Baveno Italy, and we are going 3 days early. I read that there is a train that goes on a day trip into Switzerland and back, but can't find details about it. We would be there 6/24/21, God willing. Where can I learn about this?

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Because Italy is still under one degree or another of lockdown and not accepting tourists it hard to know what will be operating in just 3 short months.

Before covid there was a triangle of transportation - the train between Milan and Domodossola, the Centovalli train between Domodossola and Locarno and the boat between Locarno and Baveno and Stresa, all three working together and creating a single fare for the expedition.

I don't currently find any references to that operating.

Of course at the moments it would not comply with the colour lockdown law. Depending on the colour you can't leave your commune, or at best not between provinces and not internationally.

Although I am skeptical I hope it works out for you.

I love Baveno and Stresa.

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Welcome. One challenge is that trains may not be running as per past years. However, I think you are meaning something like the Bernina Express. Here is an article that covers some of the details you may want to start with.
I haven't managed it yet, but when I was considering the Bernina Express, I was informed that 'normal' trains take the same route throughout the day, so you are not limited to just the scenic car trains.
You may want to look at the Lucerne trip that includes some boat time; but I don't think any are easily done in a day.
For future train research, including these routes, seat60 dot com is the train guru for Europe, and elsewhere.
Fingers crossed the trip happens.

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I can confirm that the Centovalli train line is very scenic. I suspect the Bernina Express trip is even more spectacular but haven't taken that one.

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The Bernina Pass route is very scenic, but there is a much closer option from Baveno.

Assuming it is possible to travel to Italy and Switzerland in late June, you could board the northbound regionalmtrains right at Baveno, heading to Domodossola. Change there to an EC or IC train to Brig in Switzerland. Muchnof this ride is in a tunnel under the Alps. But you can easily get to one of the most beautiful places in the Alps I have been, just a short train plus cablecar ride from Brig.

From Brig, take the eastbound train about 10-15 minutes to Betten, and board the large cable car for the ride up some 3600 feet to the car-free village of Bettmeralp. Wonderful views and lots of walking paths there. Ride another cablecar or gondola from the village up the Bettmerhorn for gorgeous views of the Aletschgletscher. Or hike to the top of the ridge behind the village, head West along the ridge to the Moosfluh chairlift, and ride that down to the village of Riederalp. A cablecar there wil take you back down to the train for your return to Brig and onward back to Baveno.

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BTW, the website mentioned above is incorrect. It should be

The Bernini Express is NOT the train you are thinking of as it goes nowhere near Baveno. (It hugs the east side of Lake Como and Baveno is on Lake Maggiore.)

There is a day trip from Stresa (just a couple of miles down the road from Baveno) to Zermatt and the Matterhorn. It is by bus and train and they offer some hotel pickups. You can find information here:

Whether or not it will be operating in June is anyone's guess.