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Basic Economy questions

In booking a ticket on Air France the following verbiage was applied to the Basic Economy fare:

1 hand baggage and 1 personal item (12 kg total)*
No checked baggage included
No free seat selection before check-in

We always do carry on and 12 kg equals 26 pounds
Get there is no checked baggage (but wonder if you could pay extra)
No free seat selection - if they won't let you select the free seats, can you buy seats on this fare? We always upgrade our seats and pay no matter what. Just wondering, as it was $125 or more for these three items than on the next economy fare

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Air France has a nice comparison of the fares on their website:

It appears you can check a bag for a fee. You can select a seat at checkin, but if you mean you usually pay to upgrade your seats to premium economy, I wouldn’t count on that. It appears that is only available when you purchase a Standard or Premium economy fare. You are looking at a fare that they call Light.

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Correct. Mislabeled them. The light fare for two people is $150 less than their Standard fare. We booked the standard fare as we wanted to choose our seats, and upgrade to more leg room or two seats rows. Not premium economy. It was way too much more. And since we don't check bags, was just wondering if selecting that fare would allow us to "purchase" seats at the time of booking. Thanks for the info!

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Yes, it would have. My son bought basic economy and paid for the seats. If he checks a bag, it will be $75. So no savings in that case.

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I’d be a little careful with that weight limit. A fully-loaded roll aboard and a medium-sized backpack could easily exceed 26lbs. And European airlines tend to enforce those limits,

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With basic economy, typically you cannot purchase upgraded seats. Obviously check with Air France first. Prepare not to be seated together and prepare to have separate middle seats toward the back of the plane. Also prepare not to have room in the overhead compartment for what you bring with you because you will be last to board the plane. You will then be charged something outrageous for them to gate check the bag last minute that does not fit under the seat in front of you. I would never choose basic economy for an international flight.

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I avoid Basic Econ at all costs as I checkin my bags! It helps to look over the fare terms before you book. Then you go to the website of the airline and book it there. Sadly third parties will book you into Basic without your knowledge.