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Base City and Accommodations in Provence

My company is sending me on vacation to Paris, and I would like to extend the trip for about 3 days/4 nights in Provence. I think the best option is to take the train to a larger city, perhaps Avignon, pick up a car and go from there.
My questions are:

  1. I'm confused about which city to make as my base, I prefer smaller places. Any suggestions?
  2. Does anyone have recommendations on accommodations in this area? I have Rick's guide book, but always like a referral from someone if I can get one!
  3. Any absolute postive, "must see" locations? I have a list, but again, if you have been there, would love to hear your experience!
  4. Do you agree a car is the best way to travel this area?

Thanks so much!

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Hotel Le Calendal in Arles is an excellent place to stay. You'll be closer to Nimes and Aix-en-Provence which IMO are must see locations. Also Avignon & the
Pont du Gard would be included. Public transportation is very good in this area, so a car wouldn,t be necessary (you can take a tour bus from Nimes out to the Pont du Gard).

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Since I had a car when I traveled that area, I will recommend you have one. I feel the convenience of stopping where you want to and staying as long as you choose outweighs the cost of a car.

When we were there we drove through several small towns, looking for a zimmer. I don't remember which one we chose, but any one in the area will appeal to you.

I also agree on your seeing Pont du Gard. Plus Nimes and Arles.

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You have the right idea. Avignon and Arles are popular base cities, but given your preferences and your car you have lots of small-town choices. (My personal experience in that regard is limited to St Remy, which was lovely, but you have many choices; we rented a place for a week, so I can't advise on hotels.)

If you go the small-town route, you might think of your choices as (a) the area around Arles, Avignon, and the Sorge valley, and (b) Luberon hilltowns, exquisit but a bit farther from such popular sights as the Pont du Gard, Arles, Avignon, and Les Beaux. If you go the big-town route, I like Arles better than Avignon--see the latter as a day trip.

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You can't hardly go wrong whatever you decide to visit in that area. We rented a car at the train station in Avignon and stayed in the Luberon valley for a little over a week. The small towns are fun to explore, the food is great and the people are very friendly. A movie you might watch that will give you an idea of this area is "A Good Year" with Russell Crowe, Albert Finney and Marion Cotillard. There's a scene in the movie where he is driving around and around a town square and that is Gordes which is a beautiful place and a nice town to stay in to explore from. Have a great trip, whatever you choose to visit will be fun.