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The whole of the U.K. will soon be on strike - it could be a summer of discontent. Nurses want a 15% pay rise, BA want their 10% Covid pay cut reinstated, train drivers, teachers, doctors, barristers etc are all demanding significant pay rises as inflation is so high.

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I haven't seen raise requests like that since the late 70's, early 80's.
I understand why they are making these requests. I just wish there was a way to solve this short of strikes.

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Hmmm, maybe we could start by having those who are hiding their money in Panama, the Caymans, South Dakota etc pay their fair share.

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How bout the CEOs take a pay cut? Many are making 10x what an average worker makes.

Add to say I think it's only the check in people and not the actual gate or airplane staff. I read 30% of staff would be affected.