How much time to get there? + Itinerary questions answered here

Here's how to determine travel times between your destinations, you want to know these to ensure your itinerary works out the way you want it to:

Train: Get train travel times
Add to the station to station train times the time to get to the station, buy tickets, wait for the train, etc

Driving: Get driving times per Google Maps
Most travelers here suggest multiplying the times given on Google Maps or Via Michelin by at least 1.25, and remember that times for stops of any type are not included in the times given on either website.

Air Within Europe: For travel by air within Europe, there are several good websites to get schedules (as well as buy tickets), these are only 2 of them:

Many thanks to Kent for initiating this page - Webmaster

Posted by Lee
Lakewood, Colorado
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This isn't a reply, but a notification.

I just tried the links at the top of some pages for "Home" and "Travel Forum", and they didn't work.

Posted by Roberto
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This is a request to the Webmaster.
I noticed that with the new website nearly nobody asking questions enters the location where they write from, not even the country.
I find it difficult to give advice on flights to Europe questions when you don't know if the poster is writing from near San Francisco, Toronto or Sydney. Often posters ask how to get to a location in Europe but they don't tell from which State/Province and Country they will be departing from.
It would help if in order to register for the website people were required to enter at least the State/Province and Country of residence.

Posted by stan
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Agree with Roberto. It helps understand and respond to know where they are from. For example people who indicate from non-western countries get more patient and polite responses.