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Avignon area to sarlat area france

I want to fly from the USA to France and start my trip in provence. Either take a direct flight from usa to nice and drive to the provence area or fly into paris and then take the train down to Avignon Do you have any other suggestions how to get there? Also we then want to go to the dordogne area preferably sarlat and that area. How would we get from Avignon to the Dordogne area ? What train or is a car better to get there. Also what would be the best route to get home to the USA from the Dordogne area? Fly from Bordeaux to Paris and then to the USA or take a train back to Paris and fly home from paris? Any suggestions? Thanks

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1) I'd also look at flying into Marseilles or Lyon, when weighing these options. 2) You could drive, or take the train to Toulouse and drive from there. A car is useful in both Provence and the Dordogne, but you need not keep the same car the whole time if the long drive does not appeal to you. You could break the trip in any number of interesting places. I would not want to take the train the whole way - it is much too roundabout. 3) "what train" what do you mean? The train that goes where you want to go. I can't tell you a train number, if that is what you want. 4) If going home directly from the Dordogne, look at flights from Toulouse or (maybe) Bordeaux. Consider driving or train only if you are continuing your trip in France, for instance to visit the Loire or to spend some time in Paris. 5) Check The Road from the Past: Traveling through History in France by Ina Caro. It matches your route.

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I would drive from Avignon to Sarlat taking the A75 route to drive over the Millau Viaduc. There are other things to see close to that route including the villages of Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert and Roquefort. Marseilles is the most convenient airport for your trip, but sometimes there is a premium attached to the airfares there. Unless you wish to visit Paris, take another route back to Marseilles through Toulousse and Carcassonne.
It depends upon the time you have, of course.