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AVE Trains & Trains from Venice to Florence to Rome

I was looking to pre-purchase some of my train tickets before going to Europe. Is there a difference between and The prices seem to be a cheaper on renfe vs raileurope.

Also, if I purchase a ticket from either of these sites, do I print the tickets? Or do they mail them to me?

I've read a lot of information how the Europass is not a good deal if you don't use it. The only trains I would need are: 1) Madrid to Barcelona 2) Venice to Florence 3)Florence to Rome. So I think point to point is cheaper. But if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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I booked my Spain tickets on the renfe site and printed them at home. If you book 60 days in advance, you can get them for about half what you will pay if you wait and get them there. Look for trains with the web special price. I believe that you need to leave the site in Spanish to get the better prices, but they have recently updated it so that may not be necessary. Also, be sure to call you credit card company before you book so that they will let the purchase go through. Norm, who posts on the site often, is the best to contact if you have any questions on the Spanish trains.

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Steve, from CA, you're right. I meant Renfe for the AVE train and trenitalia for Italy. Leslie thanks for the info. Good to know I can purchase on the renfe site and print them out.

Also good to know that I won't be able to purchase on the trenitalia site. Since I am only travelling three times on a train, point to point is cheaper right?

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Ok, after reading this, I feel a bit more confused. So, Steve (from CA), if I purchase a ticket from Venice to Florence. The price would be $65 for a 2nd class rail fare?

Venice to Bologna is $35
Bologna to Florence is $30

So total to Venice to Florence is $65
Then total from Florence to Rome is an additional $55

Making the entire total $110. Am I reading this right?