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AVE from Toledo to Barcelona with connection in Madrid help

I am trying to reserve on Renfe from Toledo to Barcelona via Madrid. I think that I am on the right track in choosing Puerta de Atocha as the station in Madrid for the connection. If we arrive from Toledo at 9.58 and our connection to Barcelona is at 10.30, is that enough time to catch that train? Or would it be best to wait until the 11.30 train? We have no idea how large or how long the connection will take, yet would like to get to Barcelona as quickly as possible. Thanks!

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Lisa, I hope someone can answer your question quickly. We are traveling he other direction, but faced the same question. My understanding is that the station is huge, but the AVE trains all use th esame area. I was advised that 15 minutes was not enough, so we opted for the next train. But maybe 30 min. is OK. Will you have an earlier chance to go through Atocha station and figure it out? Like before you go to Toledo? that might make a difference.

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Yes, Lola, we will be using the station when going to Toledo. We will more than likely use it for several smaller trips that we will purchase at that time. I am just concerned about getting these tickets now as I've been advised that due to it being Holy Week our options could become limited. Hoping for some answers and a lot of luck! And same to you.

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Yes, you will connect at Atocha. 30 minutes would be the minimum I'd recommend because it can take 5 minutes to leave your train, 5-10 minutes to find your new track, 5-10 minutes to go through security and AVE trains stop boarding about 5 minutes before departure. In a worst case scenario (barring late trains), that is 30 minutes. Since you will have a chance to scope out Atocha beforehand, familiarize yourself with the station and where the Barcelona trains typically depart so you know right where to go. You should be fine.

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If you are familiar with the Atocha terminal, and if you are able to go quickly you should make it, but it may be close. You will need to take the escalators up from the Toledo train, then find the Barcelona track and go back down another set of escalators and get to the car....hope it is not at the front of the train as you may be out of breath! I would opt for the 11:30 train myself and have plenty of time....especially with my often limited mobiltiy arising from ancient knees!!!

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You have the right station. I would have thought 32 minutes is plenty of time but I'm not used to having to get through security (with ETA, I guess it's become necessary).