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Automated Tollways

I understand the traffic/tollways in Europe are rather strict, and most driving routes are frequented with automated tollways, could you perhaps recommend a site where I can purchase in advance tollway fees, so I can avoid inadvertent non-payment of toll, in order not to incur any penalties on my vehicle, thank you. Will be traveling through France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Amsterdam, and U.K.

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Germany does not have toll roads. Switzerland and Austria require a vignette sticker on the windshield to drive on the motorways. You can purchase this from any rental agency. If any of these countries sell automated passes for their roads, I'm not sure if they are interchangable.

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The only toll road in the UK (AFIK) is a private motorway around Birmingham, we use it because it avoids the heavily congested motorway system in the area. Otherwise you will have to pay for some bridge crossings and road tunnels. There are barriers at the begining and/or exits so you cannot inadvertantly not pay

A list showing the above

It is similar in Italy in that you have to pass through barriers, so again no risk of not paying.

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All tollways we encountered in France were of the tollbooth variety. Most were staffed to manually exchange coins (be sure you have LOTS of coins) others were automatic for locals who buy a card or pay monthly. But all stops had a staffed booth. No secret fees & no way to mistakenly use a toll road without paying.

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In Italy, we just kept a supply of cash handy (which seemed to disappear more quickly than we would have liked).

If you take a GPS (highly recommended in Italy), you can test your route to see how much time you lose avoiding toll roads. If you don't lose too much time, you might choose to drive non-toll routes.

It's also true in Austria. If you stay off the Autobahn (freeways to us), you don't need to buy the window sticker at the border. The price in Austria, IMO, isn't enough to plan alternate routes.

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Hi William,

No toll roads in Germany.

Austria, simply buy a "Vignette" (a sticker for your windshield), about 8 Euro for a 10 day day sticker, to drive on Austria's highways. They are available at gas stations, convenience stores, etc. You'll see plenty of signs for them. You can buy them in neighboring countries by the Austrian border.

In Italy, you'll go through toll booths (there are lanes with attendents).


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William...don't sweat the toll booths. They are no big one is going to haul you away or charge you a large fine. I have done everythig wrong that you can do (drove thru without paying, got in the wrong lane and jammed up lots of upset locals, etc.)

Just bring cash (many will accept credit cards), and stay out of the special lanes for the locals who have passes.

I don't think that I have run into many that were not attended, so put a big smile on your face and ask questions if you get stumped.

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Thank you to everyone who have given me "sound" advises, you have certainly made me less anxious about driving in Europe. Cheers!