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Auto Leasing

We are planning a six week driving vacation through central Europe and are looking at a leasing a Peugot through Auto France. We are wondering if there have any problems with this company or with leasing in general. Any help would be most appreciated

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The Peugeot Open Europe leasing plan is well-established and totally legit. Auto France is one of their agents. If you prefer, you could deal directly with Peugeot, although I don't know if there's any advantage in doing so. Peugeot's website: - popular with users of this website - is also an agent for the Peugeot program. If you go to their website, click on Car Rental and scroll down to 'Peugeot Buy Back'.

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We leased a Renault, only because they had the better car for us. Generally I thought it was a great deal. CDW is included in your price, rather than an add-on. Rentals can be better if you only need an economy car. When you need something larger (family size), leasing is probably the better deal.

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We have leased once through renaultusa and twice through autofrance. All three expeiences were very good If you go through CDG the directions for contacting them are not the best but that was the closest we came to a problem. Make sure you have the dates down right. We have had two 308 diesel automatics and my only regret was that we had to give the cars back. If you play with their web site you can download a brief version of the owners manual which is nice because you have an idea of what the layout of the controls is and how their neat locking fuel filler cap works before you get in the car. Definitely learn how the dual mode speed control works, they have lots of speed cameras and the 130 kph limit is hard to hold with a car that wants to stretch out for 150+ kph while delivering 44 mpg. Take your own GPS with a european map card fr two reasons. 1) You don't want to be learning how to use it in such strange circumstances. 2) you can declare your hotel or parking lot as home, put it in your pocket and use it to get back when you get lost in a big town or city. Also don't forget good detailed maps as a back-up to the GPS ... there will be times when you want more information than will show on a small screen. Don't forget your IDps. Have a great trip.

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Michael: I have done the lease arrangement with Renault on two separate occasions and I was very pleased. You get a brand new car. Insurance is included. No hidden taxes, fees or charges of any kind. I am already booking a car through Renault Eurodrive (just google it up and you will find the website) for our next journey. For a long term lease/rental you cannot beat the price. Have fun.