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Auto Insurance for American driving personal car in Europe

As a U.S. citizeen driving our personal, shipped over, car in Europe for a year, I can not find comprehensive insurance, in part because I have no resident address. There's 3rd party insurance, but can not get comprehensive, while staying in Amsterdam. Any thoughts/directions on this dilema are appreciated.
~ David

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david, My question is the same as Frank's. As you're planning to be there longer than 90-days, have you dealt with the Schengen Visa issues???

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Since they are shipping their own car over, I would assume that they will either be on a work visa or a sabbatical/education visa.

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david, I'm running out the door so can't search at the moment. We have had 2 similar questions in the past year or so, perhaps a search using the search box in the upper right corner will glean a prior answer. Have you got your visa worked out?

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There were two extensive discussions on this subject within the past year. How are you handling the Schengen visa issue?