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August Travel by Train to Switzerland, Austria and Germany in 15 days

I am going to Switzerland, Austria and Germany. I am flying into Zurich. I don't want to drive. I would like to start a 15 day train pass for the above three countries from Zurich. I would like to see in Switzerland Luzern, Interlaken and Zermatt. Then head to Germany then Austria. While in Germany I would like to see Munich, Berlin and maybe Frankfort. I would like to see the Neuschwanstein castle and the concentration camps. How do I do that by train?
Can I combine the fast trains and slow trains? Where should I start my train pass? Can you think of anything else that I should see in any of these areas by train? Thanks you Theresa ?

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You can find train schedules for all over Europe here, on the German Rail (Bahn) website. You might want to spell Frankfurt that way, with a 'u', not an 'o', or you might find yourself in Kentucky. Zürich can be spelled "Zuerich". If you use Zurich it will show you schedules from the airport, not from the main station, Zuerich HB. Neuschwanstein is in Hohenschwangau. You get there by a bus, about 10 minutes, from the Fuessen Bahnhof (which you can get to from anywhere by train). Dachau conc. camp is in Dachau, a suburb of Munich. The rail pass is good in Germany for fast or slow trains. If you start in Zuerich and begin traveling by train that day, you can probably validate it at a Swiss Rail counter in the Zuerich airport. If not, at the counter in the HB in Zuerich.

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Hi, "...anything else that I should see in any of these areas by train?" I absolutely recommend Potsdam while you are in Berlin, especially this summer as regards to special festivities, etc. Make a day trip of it, take the S-bahn from Berlin to Potsdam Hbf. The tours start from across the street from Potsdam Hbf. You can get from Munich-Berlin direct, night/day, on the ICE, depending on the dep. time. For the CNL night train, you'll have to reserve...mandatory.

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I wouldn't expect to see much of these cities in just 15 days. You are going to be spending most of your time in going from one place to another.

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Thank you for all your reply's. If 15 days is to to short. Any suggestions? As to what to see and what not to see? Or maybe not going to Austria?