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Can I drive from Berlin to Auchwitz? How long will it take me? How many miles is it? How much will gasoline cost me?

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Until someone comes with a more detailed answer, your first big problem is that Oswiecim (Auschwitz) is in Poland and German car hire companies really don't like it if you try to take one of their cars over the border - they're worried they might not come back.

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According to, driving distance is 343 miles, driving time is a little over 6 hours, and gas for the trip is about 65 euro. You might find it easier and more economical to take a train from Berlin to Krakow, then a local bus out to Auschwitz. The bus terminal in Krakow is right next to the train station. Hertz, for one, will let you rent in Germany and drive the car into Poland - but they won't let you drop it off in Poland.

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Fred, I just made this trip last week. The train is much more convenient. You could rent a car in Krakow if you want, but the bus runs at least every hour to Oscwiecim.