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Arrival Time for Flight within Europe

How early should one arrive at airports in Europe for a flight between European cities?

Does easy jet charge a surcharge to have baggage checked? Read somewhere that Ryan air charges $13 for every bag you check.

Thanks for your input.

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You will probably get more accurate information by checking with the airlines and/or the airports you will be using. Things such as security clearance and distance to departure gates vary a lot from place to place.

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2 hours is often sufficient. Depends on how early your flight is too. Often times 1 hour is sufficient because the airport doesn't open, and therefore desk check-in does as well does not open until an hour prior to departure.

Also, as of this moment, EasyJet allows 1 free checked bag, no more than 20Kg (44lbs). RyanAir charged for all checked bags. It's 6 Euro or 5 Pounds per bag per one way flight if paid for at time of booking on the website. If paid after booking (via call center or at airport) it seems to vary. I recently paid at airport 30 Euro total for two bags in Feb when my girlfriend and I flew Frankfurt-Hahn to Krakow.

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Generally, two hours is the recommended time. As I remember Easy Jet closes check in 45 minutes prior to departure and if you haven't gotten to the desk by then, you are out of luck. And I've seen some pretty long lines at Easy Jet check-ins. Given how expensive it can be to buy new tickets if you miss a flight, I'd be pretty conservative and allow plenty of time.